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for Product Testing, Quality Control, Basic Research
ISO 9000 certification requires that manufacturers of products affected by ozone, such as elastomers, including natural and synthetic rubber compounds, in both raw material and finished product, coloring agents including those used for textiles and electrical insulation products include ozone tests in their quality control program.

Ozone is present in the atmosphere and is generated by numerous electrical devices including copier and laser printing machines. It is a toxic component in smog, produced photochemically by irradiation of sunlight on various man-made pollutants. Ozone also drifts into the atmosphere in varying amounts from a layer surrounding the earth in the stratosphere above the tropopause at approximately 50,000 feet altitude, produced from oxygen by strong solar rays.

The Mast Development Ozone Chamber is indispensable equipment for highly accurate and reliable ozone resistance testing of sample materials and products. These tests are essential for carrying out research and maintaining product quality control. The basis of the Mast Development 700 Ozone Test Chamber Series is the field proven Model 700-1, which was developed in cooperation with the Society of Automotive Engineers/American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) joint committee, and is used throughout the world. A list of users is available on request. Series 700 Chambers fulfill the requirements for equipment used in tests under ASTM D-1149, Accelerated Cracking of Vulcanized Rubber, D-1171; Weather Resistance Exposure of Automotive Rubber Compounds, D-1352-90; Ozone-Resisting Butyl Rubber Insulation for Wire and Cable and ISO 1431-1; parts 1 and 2 and Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic Resistance to ozone cracking. The Mast Developmet Ozone Chamber is favored by the nation's leading auto and rubber manufacturers.

Designed to meet ASTM and ISO 9000 certification requirements
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