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The Mast Development Model 727-3 provides electronic circuitry which automatically monitors and controls UV source drift and corrects instrument span over each sample - reference measurement cycle. The data conditioning system stores the measured data, performs the subtraction and decodes the data for display. Data is held on the display until new data is ready. Data obtained during the reference measurement is stored until the sample measurement data is available. At this time, every 20 seconds, the sample data is subtracted from the reference data and the difference is entered into the display as parts-per-million (ppm) ozone. The sophisticated reference system compensates for variations in the optical components, interfering molecules and UV source noise. No manual adjustments are required.

Operation is completely automatic. Span is continually adjusted during each reference cycle. Display and analog data are held at last measurement level until updated on the next cycle.

The instrument is ideal for applications requiring long term unattended operation in ozone measurement.

Ozone test chamber monitoring (Mast Development Series 700 Test Chambers)
Environmental chamber work
Safety monitoring near ozone generators in water treatment facilities and air purification installations
OSHA requirements
Quality control for ozone producing applicances, TV sets, electrostatic copiers, electronic air cleaners.
Plant pathology studies
Model 727-3
Model 727-3a

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