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Looking for an ozone analyzer, ozone meter or ozone sensor?
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Mast Development manufactures and globally distributes ozone monitoring and environmental testing equipment for occupational safety professionals, atmospheric monitoring agencies and the automotive and rubber industries.

Ozone is highly toxic and should be measured where workers might be exposed to ensure compliance with the allowable levels outlined by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). Ozone detectors are used by occupational health and safety professionals to continuously measure ozone in ambiant air and provide a readout of particulate levels.

The Mast Development advantage:

Sensitivity - Mast Development ozone monitors can measure ozone at an incredibly low level of 5 parts per billion in air by volume, initiating an alarm when concentrations exceed the allowable level.
Versatility - Choose among several configurations, including bench, panel mount and portable models.

Just above the tropopause in the earth's stratosphere is a layer of faint blue alloptrtoic triatomic oxygen commonly known as ozone. Ozone shields the lower atmosphere from deadly solar radiation, which has been linked to an increase in cancer around the world as this layer has been reduced by man-made fluorocarbons. Accurately tracking of the ozone layer is performed by ozone sondes which, attached to balloon-borne radiosondes, transmit ozone layer concentration measurements to receiving stations on earth.

The Mast Development advantage:

Proven performance - Mast Development's Model 730-8 is trusted by atmospheric monitoring agencies throughout the world.

Virtually all rubber products exposed to ambiant atmospheres - such as automobile tires, wipers, gaskets, weather stripping, o rings and sealing devices - must be tested in an ozone chamber. Furthermore, for quality control in the automotive industry, manufacturers must follow rubber testing standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the International Standards Organization (ISO).

The Mast Development advantage:

Compliance - Mast Development ozone chambers are designed specifically to comply with ISO and standards, providing a controlled test atmosphere of ozone at levels up to 10 parts per million.

Global reach - Mast Development is the leading supplier of ozone chambers to the rubber and automotive industries in North and South America, Europe and Asia.


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