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The Mast Development Model 701-1 Dynamat was developed in accordance with recommendations made to the ASTM Committee D-11 by Special sub-committee to investigate ozone flexing apparatus. The unit was primarily designed to be mounted in the top of the Mast Development ozone test chamber, but can be adapted for mounting anywhere that stretching of rubber samples is needed.

Mounting And Power Connections
The Model 701-1 Dynamat can be factory or field installed. All Mast Development ozone chambers are designed and built with a switch, receptacle, and fused electrical circuit to accommodate the Dynamat. Pre-drilled holes, sealed with knockout plugs, are provided to further heighten ease of installation. Installation, operating, and maintenance instructions are furnished. On units purchased with a Mast Development ozone chamber the Dynamat will be factory installed.

Sample Capacity: Choice of 8 or 12 sample capacity (individually mounted)
Recommended Sample:
Cross section - rectangular
Width - 1" with 1/2" dumbbell
Length - 4"
Minimum distance from bite - 1/2"
Measured area - 1"
Stretching Rate: 30 cycles per minute.
Cycle Characteristics: Constant velocity.
Initial Sample State: Flat unstreched, 2" between clamps.
Stretched Sample State: 25% stretch, 2.5" between clamps.
Clamp: Aluminum with wing nut set.
Dimensions: Requires 16" x 9" for mounting. Height 12" above mounting panel (or top of Mast development ozone chamber)
Power Requirements: 110-120 Volts, 50/60 cycle, AC, 150 watts
Shipping Weight: Approximately 112 lbs

You will require a Dynamat to test the ozone resistance of elastomers during controlled stretching. ASTM D3395 Method A and ISO1431-2 require dynamic testing in conjuction with static tests.

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