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Model 700-14LTB Ozone
Low-cost steady state refrigerated temperature/humidity ozone chamber, these mechanical convection, vertical air flow units meet the need for economical and reliable steady state testing. This chamber uses vapor pressure humidity control method, which offers superior accuracy and stability over steam or vapor atomizing systems. These units feature a self-contained refrigeration system which requires no tap water cooling.

Humidity Range: 40% to 98% (see below)
Temperature Range: +3 C to +93 C (+200 F)
Stability (over 24 hr. period): temperature  1/2 C
relative humidity   2% or better over the full range
Control System: Steady state recorder/controller
Applications: Continuous duty testing of small, low volume components, which do not dissipate substantial amounts of heat for steady state MIL, tests, colorfastness sample testing, and water vapor transmission work. Designed to meet AATCC Test Method 129-1966.

Steady State Recorder/Controller
This chamber incorporates solid-state electronic instrumentation for precise temperature/humidity regulation. Integral over temperature protection is standard. A microbased recorder/ controller with 10" diameter chart and full PID control is the basis of the control system. Relative humidity (0-100% RH) is measured and recorded direct-ly on the chart. 100 ohm platinum low mass RTD sensors are used in a wet/ dry bulb measuring system to provide input data to the recorder/ controller.

Over Temperature Protection
Two levels of over temperature protection are provided. The first level features keypad adjustable trip setpoints, latching alarm circuitry and audible/ visual annunciation of alarm condition. This first level is typically adjusted to protect the product or process. A second level of protection is afforded by a nonadjustable thermostat. This device is preset to a value just above the maximum operating temperature of the chamber.

Wet Bulb Time Delay
This exclusive feature reduces condensation when loading or unloading at set temperature. It automatically drains heated water from conditioning chamber when inner door is opened. After unit is reloaded, wet bulb heat is held off until reservoir is refilled with water.

Waterflow and Leveling
Precision water management and metering over the long haul is assured by a quality Y type strainer, pressure regulator valve, flow control solenoid valves and electronic water leveler.

Mechanical Refrigeration
A dual capacity cooling system, a non-cycling hermetic type, utilizing a non-CFR refrigerant, fulfills refrigeration requirements.

All Stainless Steel Chamber Construction
The chamber housing is manufactured from polished Type 304 stainless steel. Chamber interior is made from Type 316 stainless steel, heli-arc welded and passivated.
Chamber housing is thoroughly insulated using high temperature fiberglass insulation. Doors have the same basic construction and insulation as the cabinet. The inner door has a glass viewing window that allows observation of chamber interior. The chamber's attractive blue, heavy gauge cold rolled steel, floor stand houses the mechanical refrigeration system. Two adjustable electro-polished wire-type stainless shelves are included as standard.

Model 700-14LTB Ozone Chamber
The Model 700-14LTB is simple to operate and versatile over a wide range of temperatures, airflows and ozone concentrations. Preferred by leading clothing and textile products manufacturers, users confirm its ozone concentration stability and dependable operation. The entire system is diagrammed below.
The ozone source is a mercury vapor quartz ultra-violet lamp. It is housed in a protective metal container outside the test compartment as required by ASTM and is easily accessible through the lower side door.
Air Recirculation
Plenum chambers located on each side of the all stainless steel test compartment direct the ozonized air through it. A wheel type blower in the left plenum chamber provides two-feet/second air recirculation velocity over the test samples. The blower wheel is shaft-mounted with the drive motor mounted outside the test compartment, as required for the ASTM tests.
Air Flow System
Fresh air is drawn into the system with a rotary vane type Gast Oilless Air compressor. Felt filters on both the intake and exhaust sides of the compressor remove particulate contamination. The rate of airflow is observed on a flowrator and set with the air flow control, a valve in the compressor bypass line. Air leaving the flowrator then passes in small part through the computer controlled regulator over the ultra-violet lamp and in large part through a lamp by-pass line. The ozonized air from the lamp is remixed with the bypassed air and enters the test compartment circulation system. A freshly ozonized airflow replenishes the air in the test compartment approximately once a minute at the recommended flow rate of six cubic feet per minute. Only fresh air is passed over the ozone source as recommended by ASTM. Air in the test compartment is exhausted outside and is not recirculated over the ozone.
Steady State Recorder / Controller
This chamber incorporates solid-state electronic instrumentation for precise temperature/humidity regulation. Integral over temperature protection is standard. A microbased recorder/controller with 10" diameter chart and full PID control is the basis of the control system. Relative humidity (0-100% RH) is measured and recorded directly on chart. 100 ohm platinum, low mass RTD sensors are used in a wet/dry bulb measuring system to provide input data to the recorder/controller.

Model 700-14LTB Ozone Chamber
Mast/Keystone Steady-State Auto Control & Recording Ozone Test Chamber: Includes Model 727-3A Ozone Monitor with Microprocessor and Power Flow Control Assembly allowing for the constant control of ozone levels to the chamber and BM7700 Microbased control system utilizing Partlow's MRC-7700 recorder/con-troller. Wet/dry bulb sensors drive temperature and relative humidity controllers as well as display indication and chart traces. Ten-inch (10") diameter chart has dual scales, one for temperature and one for relative humidity, settable for 24 hour and 7 day rotation. Overtemperature protection is supplied as standard. All chart and controller parameters are programmable and protected from unauthorized or accidental change.

Wet Bulb Time Delay Condensation-Free Loading Feature: Solid-state water leveler system. Safety door switch installed on inner glass door shuts off unit when inner door is opened.
Temperature Range: +3 C to + 93 C (+200 F)
Relative Humidity Range: 40% to 95%
Ozone Concentration Range: 0 to 10 ppm by Volume (conservatively rated using ambient air at sea level)
Air Replacement Rate: 1 to 8 cubic feet/minute
Air Velocity Over Sample: 2 feet / second
Interior Dimensions: 64cm W x 19cm D x 51cm H
Exterior Dimensions: 109cm W x 99cm D x 206cm H
Interior Construction: The interior is constructed of type 316, 17-12 electropolished stainless steel welded vapor tight, offering superior corrosion resistance at high temperature/humidity conditions.
Exterior Construction: The exterior is constructed of welded type 304, 18-8 polished stainless steel for corrosion resistance and long life.
Refrigeration System: Single stage, air-cooled mechanical refrigeration system using a 1/3 HP hermetically sealed compressor and "NON-CFC" refrigerant R-22. High quality refrigeration gauges are also provided as standard.
Shelves: : Two (2) stainless steel, wire rod type shelves are provided and adjustable on 2" centers.
Voltage: 208/240 Volts Single Phase 50/60 Hz (Please specify voltage when ordering)

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